how to cut a door in a concrete wall

How To Cut A Door In A Concrete Wall

Even a solid wall of concrete or bricks is no excuse for not getting precisely the property you’re dreaming of. The simple act of concrete wall sawing to create a new doorway can completely transform the movement of human traffic through that space, making a room more accessible, convenient and enjoyable. But that doesn’t mean learning how to cut a door in a concrete wall is as simple as grabbing a powerful saw and starting to hack away.

So without getting into the weeds with all the regulatory, compliance, approval and licensing requirements – which are all no issue if you choose the right concrete cutting and drilling professionals – let’s take a look at the basic steps necessary for knowing how to cut a doorway in concrete:

1. Diagnose

The first step on any concrete cutting task is always the one involving careful planning, which is of even more importance when we’re dealing with how to cut a concrete wall – because of the structural importance of that rock-solid component of your home.

The structural diagnosis process is something like this:

  • What’s inside the concrete wall?
  • What’s around the wall from a structural viewpoint?

Without first understanding the structural impact of the work you’re getting done, the work undertaken can significantly impact the integrity of the entire structure of your most prized investment.

2. Sizing

Next up are the finer details of precisely the cutting task that’s about to take place. Is that doorway going to be the standard size, or customised for your particular project and needs? The opening size alone has knock-on effects for the rest of the project, so it’s not a trivial detail at all.

3. Tracing & scoring

Before you even cut out a particular shape in a piece of paper, the wise craftsperson will physically trace it out before grabbing for those scissors. This is even more important when you’re going to cut into a structural component as serious as a concrete wall, and comes immediately before the next phase – the actual cutting. This is easier if the specialist first creates score lines on both sides of the proposed cut, before a highly task-specific saw with an equally specific and powerful concrete cutting blade is used for the cutting in conjunction with other tools like a sledgehammer for breaking through with force.

4. Framing

Finally, the basic opening for the doorframe must be completed so that a frame and the door itself can be installed. For the framing, exactly the right materials suitable for the significant pressures posed by the concrete opening must be used, completed by an experienced professional who can tailor the required specifications for your customised project.

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