concrete cutting RINGWOOD EAST

We provide concrete cutting services to the RINGWOOD EAST area for a range of projects; small maintenance jobs and large commercial projects alike. We also specialise in unique projects requiring a high level of innovation and precision. These may be due to creative architectural design, requiring cutting on areas that could not be shaped in the original build, or simply because other factors in the project mean that concrete cutting is the most effective way to achieve the desired result.

Hand Sawing, Ring Sawing and Road Sawing

We have the right tools and the expertise for any concrete cutting project: from domestic driveways to large factories; from simple one off jobs to ongoing civil engineering projects and road works; or from the most basic single line cuts to hole cutting in floors and walls.  As are regularly working in the RINGWOOD EAST area, so this make using Hard Cord a very cost effective alternative to other companies that are not in the RINGWOOD EAST area.

Simple and complex jobs, large and small require different approaches. We run a range of hand-held and ring saws enabling cut depths of 150mm and 260mm, while our self-propelled road saw cuts to 300mm deep.

Wall Penetration

The back wall of this factory had to be removed in order to make room for a driveway. We cut the wall into panels and then cut holes completely through to allow a forklift to lift the panels out one at a time.



Cutting Recesses into Stairs

This image illustrates the process of cutting recesses into 26 concrete stairs. This was done to enable the installation of ‘stair nosing’ (grip strips).

The job required precision cutting in a difficult to access area. A requirement of the site was that it be done using a dustless process.

This job was completed using a dust free chasing machine.

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Stairs with Grip Strips Installed