road sawing melbourne

Road Sawing Melbourne

Efficient, professional road sawing requires meticulous skill, ongoing training, superb workmanship and state-of-the-art equipment – and we have it all. From start to finish, we’ll take on your Melbourne road sawing project offering the best possible prices and customer service with a fully tailored service.

Over 15 years in the concrete cutting industry have made Hard Core VIC the leaders in the full range of professional precision concrete cutting, core drilling and road sawing services (a road saw is also known as a flat saw, or floor saw).

Precision Road Sawing Equipment

Road sawing involves large self propelled concrete saws fitted with diamond blades capable of cutting through concrete efficiently.

We have all the right equipment for deep cuts into concrete, bitumen and hard surfaces, with precision and speed. Water is used to cool the cutting blade as well as reducing dust.

Our professional services aim to minimise any mess and where necessary we clean up after road sawing is done.

Expert Road Sawing Services

Our Melbourne road sawing services are ideal for cutting large areas of concrete slabs and bitumen roads. Applications include:

  • The removal of concrete slabs
  • The removal of asphalt
  • Removal of damaged pavement
  • Cutting expansion joints for large slabs
  • Trenching for new pipe or cables in existing floor
  • Cutting concrete kerbs and gutters
  • Highway and road construction

You can trust us to deliver fast, honest and guaranteed workmanship for road sawing in Melbourne or any other project. We won’t be happy with the outcome of your project until your expectations are not only met but exceeded, so don’t hesitate to get in touch to ask a question, seek more information or request a consultation.