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Concrete Cutting Melbourne

When you need some fast, affordable, precision Melbourne concrete cutting done, you should only ever rely on truly experienced, skilled and licensed industry specialists. There are a lot of complex techniques, a long list of factors to consider, a range of different and highly powerful tools and blades, and so much more.

In most cases, concrete cutting should always be left to the experts, because:

  • It’s dangerous: Concrete saws and blades are highly powerful and potentially deadly, requiring training, experience and deep knowledge to do it safely each time and deal effectively with the aftermath including unhealthy dust.
  • It’s difficult: ‘Concrete’ may be one word – but all concrete is not created equal. Each slab has its own mix, consistency, depth and surrounding environment, which is why the professionals use a wide variety of tools, blades and techniques to ensure clean, precise cuts in often the most difficult-to-reach places.

We Make Concrete Cutting Easy!

Here at Hard Core VIC, we’ve been in the concrete cutting & drilling game for years, delivering high-quality work with speed, great prices – and a smile. We provide fast and precise concrete cutting services across Melbourne for the full range of projects – from a small maintenance job to a large commercial or industrial-scale operation and everything in between.

We also specialise in unique projects requiring safe hands, experienced problem-solvers, a high level of innovation and extreme levels of precision. Perhaps it’s a creative or unusual architectural design, requiring cutting on areas that could not be shaped in the original build. Or maybe there are other factors that mean a particular concrete cutting technique is the most effective way to achieve the result you’re seeking.

Hand Sawing, Ring Sawing and Road Sawing

No matter the project requiring concrete cutting Melbourne wide, we have the expertise to match the state-of-the-art tools to get it done right the first time.

We can handle:

  • Domestic driveways to large factories
  • Simple one-off jobs to ongoing civil engineering projects and roadworks
  • The most basic single line cuts to complex hole cutting in floors and walls.

The details of your particular project will determine which approach and set of skills & tools will be necessary to ensure your Melbourne concrete cutting goes if without a hitch. We operate with the full range of the latest hand-held and ring saws that enable cut depths of 150mm and 260mm, while our self-propelled road saws cut concrete to a depth of 300mm. But with a range of techniques and years of on-the-job experience in our pockets, you can be sure that if your project – big or small – needs precision concrete cutting done, Hard Core VIC is the only name you need to know.

Cutting Concrete Walls

Concrete wall penetration is the perfect way to cut the cleanest, crispest openings possible for windows, ceilings, shafts, doors and so much more, and our tools can cut into blocks walls and reinforced concrete to an impressive range of depths.

In the image, the entire back wall of this factory had to be removed in order to make room for a driveway. We cut the wall into panels and then cut holes all the way through to allow a forklift to lift the panels out one at a time. Learn more about our wall sawing services.

Cutting Recesses Into Stairs

concrete cutting melbourne recessesYes, we have the powerful tools, the suite of skills and training, and the hands-on experience. We also take the time to get our heads around the requirements of every single job, because they’re all different – and more often than not, it’s something completely unique that requires a creative approach with complex problem-solving based on years of experience in getting jobs done in a timely, cost-effective and mistake-free manner.

In this image, we illustrate the painstaking process of cutting recesses into 26 concrete stairs. This was done to enable the installation of ‘stair nosing’ (grip strips). The job required precision cutting in a difficult to access area, with site requirements meaning we had to get it done with a dustless process thanks to a dust-free chasing machine.

Our Service Area

At Hard Core VIC, we provide top quality concrete cutting services across metropolitan Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula. Whether it’s a small job, a highly unique project or a major construction project, we’re always ready to help you out with:

Fully-stocked vans: No matter how big, small or urgent your project is, we know that time is always of the essence. So we’ll always get to your site in a timely manner with all the machinery, people and hardware we need.

Great availability: When time is money, what the clock or the calendar says can sometimes be irrelevant. At Hard Core VIC, we understand that a willingness to go above and beyond is the key to the productivity and cost-efficiency you demand.

All the best tools: Whether it’s our saws, drills, specialist bits or other specialist concrete cutting equipment, we can drill, saw, cut and grind to the required specification because we invest in only the best range of machinery and accessories.

Get in touch for:

As one of Melbourne’s premier and most experienced concrete cutting & drilling companies, the skilled, friendly and well-presented guys at Hard Core VIC can cater to just about every concrete cutting job Melbourne wide – no matter the type, the scale, the accessibility and the complexity. From the smallest of domestic concrete cutting to large-scale commercial, industrial and even government-scale projects, we use the best tools, techniques and a truly creative and problem-solving approach – with safe, precise and accountable outcomes every time. Get in touch with the team at Hard Core VIC today.