Concrete Expansion Joints – The When, Where And How?

Question: what word makes a concrete expert cringe? Answer: cracks. That’s because while the perfect driveway or path is a fine art, there’s no avoiding that it’s a material that expands and contracts along with the unavoidable fluctuations of temperature and moisture.

The solution? Concrete control joints, otherwise known as concrete expansion joints. When those slabs are poured, the strategic placing of these joints – usually clearly visible in any professionally-laid concrete – will relieve the expansion or movement stresses over the concrete’s life and hopefully avoid uncontrolled cracking. Or, in simpler terms, control joints in concrete are basically controlled cracks – on the smart concreter or concrete cutter’s terms. Continue reading Concrete Expansion Joints – The When, Where And How?

A Guide on How to Drill Concrete

If you are carrying out a construction project yourself you are likely someone who enjoys the process and has some knowledge and experience with various DIY jobs. However, whether you love DIY or are new to it, it does not mean you know properly how to drill into concrete. Concrete is a great material, it is versatile, strong and durable. But that strength and durability can have a double-edged sword when you are trying to change things up. Here is a guide with some useful tips on drilling concrete.

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Five Top Tips on How to Cut Concrete

Renovation and building projects offering involve some form or need for cutting concrete. But what a lot of people might not appreciate or realise is that concrete cutting takes proper equipment, training and precise skill to do it well and to do it safely. That is why we strongly recommend it be left to professional concrete cutting services with the right machinery and background. There are various ways to cut concrete and different machines suit different tasks. There might be varied lengths and depths so a skilled hand is needed to get the exact size required.

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