ring sawing melbourne

Ring Sawing Melbourne

Have you ever seen a master tradesman at work with a powerful, state of the art ring saw? It’s a sight to behold, as Hard Core VIC tackles your next concrete cutting job with hand-held speed, efficiency, precision and affordability.

With our years of industry experience and a powerful local reputation in and beyond Melbourne, you can trust Hard Core VIC to deliver exceptional results and excellent customer service with your next domestic or commercial road sawing project.

We are Melbourne’s leaders in the full spectrum of concrete cutting and drilling, having combined exactly the right skills, techniques and experience with the latest and best innovations, tools and technology.

What is a ring saw?

ring sawRing saws are powerful and yet portable and easy to manoeuvre, doing away the need for large bulky rotary blades when a versatile cutting solution will suffice or do a better job.

Although hand-held, an experienced ring sawing specialist is still able to cut perfectly straight, pure and vertical, as well as forwards, backwards, sideways and both inside and out. Where a hand saw can only cut to about 150mm, expert ring sawing techniques can penetrate as deep as 260-300mm, making it an ideal solution for fast, accessible and portable concrete cutting in a huge range of settings.

Suitable for a wide range of domestic and commercial solutions including doorway, window and stairway cutting, Hard Core VIC’s ring sawing services are perfect for getting jobs done on time, on budget, and with the crisp precision you’ve come to expect.

Our ring sawing services are perfect for:

  • Accurate, precise reinforced concrete & double brick wall cutting
  • Door, window & ventilation cut-outs
  • Concrete cutting in inaccessible spaces and around corners
  • Confined, indoor spaces where excessive fumes and dust may be an issue.

Our expert ring sawing is just part of our full spectrum of premium concrete cutting & drilling services, ensuring you get the results you demand and expect for a price that will not blow out your budget. No job is too small, large, simple or complex for Hard Core VIC, your one-stop solution for all types of professional cutting services operating in Melbourne, southeast metro, surrounding suburbs and the Mornington Peninsula.

Want to know more about our expert ring sawing services, or are you ready to schedule a consultation? Get in touch with our friendly support team today at Hard Core VIC.