Soft cutting Melbourne services

Melbourne Soft Cutting Concrete

For your home renovation, new building construction, or specialised work with existing concrete structures and much, much more, Hard Core VIC offers specialised and affordable soft cutting services across Melbourne and beyond.

Precise Soft Cut Saw Cutting At A Great Price

Also known as early entry or green concrete cutting, soft cut saw cutting is an innovative and precise cutting technique requiring specialised saws and even more specialised and skilled professionals. With powerful diamond blades, controlled cuts in newly-poured or ‘green’ concrete surfaces, soft cutting reduces the risk of uncontrolled cracking and enables the creation of well-defined expansion joints and expansion cuts.

At Hard Core VIC, we work hard to maintain our edge as Melbourne’s premier concrete cutters. Our highly skilled team uses state-of-the-art early-entry saws with premium diamond blades to create precise and clean cuts in fresh concrete surfaces and structures of all types. We use advanced vacuum systems to minimise dust and noise for an eco-friendly and efficient work environment, and take on residential, commercial and industrial projects of every type and scale.

Soff cutting or soft cutting?

You may have heard the term soff cut concrete sawing and wondered what the difference is between soff cutting concrete and soft cutting. Soff-Cut was a leading producer of concrete saws for early entry concrete sawing which was acquired by Husqvana. As a popular brand, the name ‘soff cutting’ was taken on by many in the industry, however soff cut saws perform soft cutting of concrete, so the two terms are used to mean the same action.

Why Hard Core VIC For All Your Soft Cutting Needs?

  • Minimise concrete cracking: Soft cutting enables the creation of controlled joints in freshly-poured concrete, minimising random cracking due to shrinkage during curing.
  • Ensure long-term structural integrity: Our cutting specialists strategically cut the concrete at just the right time, directing potential cracks along the cut lines and ensuring long-term structural integrity.
  • Enhance durability: Achieving precise, well-defined joints via soft cutting improves the concrete’s durability and longevity by preventing stress concentration points and reducing the risk of unsightly or hazardous cracks.
  • Accelerates construction: Soft cutting drastically slashes construction schedules because it can be performed shortly after concrete pouring – with no need to wait for it to cure completely.
  • Reduces dust & noise: Unlike traditional concrete cutting, soft cutting produces minimal dust and noise for a cleaner and healthier work environment.
  • Enables accurate placement: For construction and renovation projects requiring precise placement of utilities, doors, windows and other features, the clean accuracy of soft cutting ensures seamless integration into the concrete.

Affordable Concrete Cutting Melbourne Wide

The friendly team at Hard Core VIC looks forward to serving as your trusted partner for all your soft cutting needs across Melbourne and surrounds. To find out more about our full suite of tailored concrete cutting and drilling services, get in touch today to discuss your precise requirements and expectations of outstanding and affordable results.