Melbourne Concrete Cutting & Drilling Services

Hard Core VIC is a concrete cutting and drilling service based in the southeast of Melbourne, servicing Melbourne Metro, surrounding suburbs and the Mornington Peninsula.

We combine the latest concrete cutting equipment with a professional approach to provide reliable service and quality results.

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Our services include:

Small or large – Simple or complex

Whether it’s a large commercial project requiring rigorous project management or a small domestic job requiring a fast response, Hard Core VIC provides the same professional approach that ensures the results will exceed expectations.

We are experienced and skilled in concrete cutting and drilling in a wide range of projects including road sawing, precision alterations, construction, wall and floor penetration and indoor or outdoor projects.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to cut concrete, and when is very crucial. Get the timing of your concrete cutting wrong, and you could either spoil the concrete by doing it too soon after it is poured, or develop cracks by waiting too long. In most cases, expansion joints can be cut by the end of the day if you start early, but it does depend on the concrete mix and climactic conditions.
Although cutting with water is fast, reliable and clean, good diamond blades are also designed to be able to cut without the use of water. However, indoors or out you'll need to watch out for all that dust, which can be very unhealthy if breathed in. So it's best to contact a professional concrete cutter for safe, precision wet cutting services.
Dry cutting should be done with specific dry-cut diamond blades, which can cope with the excess heat. You'll still need to slow down to prevent overheating, and then be careful about all the harmful dust. Hard Core Vic only uses equipment fitted with the latest dust-extracting solutions.
Our clean professional concrete cuts are performed with the best type of concrete cutting blades. Specifically, top-quality diamond blades, featuring incredibly powerful synthetic diamond crystals embedded in the rim. For the very best diamond blade cuts, we make sure the blade is ideally matched with the material and the cut type.
Expansion joint cuts typically ranging from 25% to 33% of the slab thickness. Different concrete cutting tools are used for different depths, with road sawing cutting concrete to a depth of 300mm.
Diamond blades lead the pack when it comes to powerful and versatile cutting of tough surfaces including driveways and roads, especially if the blade is complete with a hard bond. There are also specific asphalt cutting tools. Contact us for expert advice on road sawing in Melbourne or any other concrete or ashpalt cutting project,
While it can most certainly be done, cutting a door into a concrete wall requires preparation and perfection. Before proceeding a full structural evaluation is always recommended. Get in touch to find out more.
As the dust from cutting concrete can be very harmful to humans, dust control is a must - especially when dry cutting. If possible we cut with water to keep both the heat and dust down. The best solution for dry cutting is dust extraction using filters and vacuums.