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Concrete Drilling Melbourne

As well as concrete cutting, Hard Core VIC is also Melbourne’s reliable specialist for fast, precise and affordable concrete drilling. For both wall and floor penetration, and whether it’s a small job or a large project all across Melbourne and beyond, your needs are in the best possible hands with our fully qualified, highly experienced and friendly specialists.

What is core drilling?

Using powerful, specialised drill bits, concrete core drilling is the process of producing powerful, clean and precise circular holes in just about any concrete surface. Think of it like coring an apple, with our skilled operators able to cut out a hole of just about any diameter in just about any concrete surface – we’re talking about a matter of millimetres all the way up to a metre or more.

Our state of the art electric, hydraulic and diamond-tipped drills and bits, operated by only true experts in core drilling Melbourne wide, differ significantly from the small concrete drills you may be familiar with. The result is extremely fast, precise and powerful cuts, producing a clean and mess-free ‘core’ rather than a big pile of pulverised concrete and often harmful dust.

Specialised coring Melbourne

concrete drilling in melbourneFor the smallest diameter cores all the way up to 450 mm, we can use a hand-held or standard core drill mounted stand for the vast majority of tasks – and if a solution isn’t immediately apparent, we’re the masters in creative thinking based on years of hands-on experience, giving you the confidence to know that if it can be done, we can get it done! In fact, with our huge range of specialised equipment, we’ve been known to remove concrete cores of up to a meter in diameter or more.

For simple, innovative and complex projects

With our more than 15 years in concrete core drilling Melbourne wide, we can get every job done. Our hand-held drills, with a diameter of 125 mm, can handle the most difficult-to-access locations – especially with the help of a scissor-lift or boom. Furthermore, when mounted on supports, precision drilling can be achieved in an impressive variety of angles.

Wondering if our concrete core drill will be able to handle your forthcoming project? Over the years, we’ve built up our reputation for quality workmanship, a friendly approach, and fully-competitive pricing – empowering us to offer fast and accurate advice for solving the range of issues and problems your project may be facing.

For instance, if your project area is noise sensitive, our services in concrete core drilling Melbourne wide produce less noise and vibration compared with other forms of cutting or drilling. Altogether, it makes Hard Core VIC the obvious choice for the most versatile, accurate, speedy and efficient core drilling in Melbourne and beyond.

Stitch drilling Melbourne

Concrete stitch drilling MelbourneOne such issue your project may be facing is the need to get a powerful concrete saw into the hardest-to-reach corners of the building in question. But with a technique called stitch drilling, we are able to cut and remove up to very large sections of hard-to-access concrete by using a concrete core drill.

Here at Hard Core VIC, this sort of creative approach to problem solving makes us the go-to destination for those attempting to solve complex issues with their projects. With stitch drilling, we use our core drilling equipment to drill multiple overlapping holes in the concrete surface, resulting in precisely the required ‘bite’ out of the concrete. It’s also a highly effective process when concrete proves too thick for concrete cutting equipment to penetrate.

The full range of our concrete core drilling services are perfect for:

  • Floors, walls, ceilings
  • Conduits, piping, ducting, reinforcements, concrete removal, and so much more.

Our concrete drilling service area

We provide top quality concrete drilling services across metropolitan Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula. Get in touch for:

Hard Core VIC has been cutting and drilling concrete all over Melbourne and surrounding areas for approaching two decades. Do you need one of our skilled, mobile Melbourne concrete specialists to do some fast and fully guaranteed cutting, drilling or grinding for your project large or small? Get in touch today to discuss your concrete drilling, core drilling or stitch drilling project, no matter what it is – and ask about a free consultation and quote.