Concrete Drilling Bayswater

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Along with concrete cutting, we offer specialist core drilling services for both wall and floor penetration for both small and larger projects in the Bayswater area, and surrounding suburbs.

What Is Core Drilling?

Concrete core drilling uses specialised drill bits to cut a circular hole in the concrete and remove a solid core like coring an apple.

Our state of the art electric and hydraulic core drills can cut smooth clean circular holes in concrete from small to very large diameters faster than any other types of drills. Because they don’t grind away the core, there’s little mess or dust created.

Simple, Innovative and Complex Projects

Concrete core drilling Box HillWith hand-held drills, with a diameter of 125 mm, hard to get at locations can be drilled – especially in combination with a scissor lift or boom. Furthermore, when mounted on supports, precision drilling can be achieved in a variety of angles. With our years of experience in core drilling, we are able to advise on ways in which drilling could be used to solve a range of problems that might arise in building.

Stitch Drilling

Concrete stitch drilling Box HillWe pride ourselves on our ability to apply creative approaches to solve problems that our clients bring to us. Core drilling can also be used as an alternative to sawing in situations where the nature of the project does not accommodate it. For example ‘stitch drilling’ is a method of using core drilling to cut deeper than is possible by sawing while also enabling access to difficult areas.

Specialised Coring

Concrete Specialised Coring drilling Box HillWe can drill up to a diameter of 450 mm using a standard core drill mounted stand. Our experience in using hand-held and mounted core drills provides our customers with the confidence of knowing there is usually a solution at hand to any problem requiring drilling. Larger cores, up to one metre in diameter can also be achieved using specialised equipment.

Aside from Bayswater, Hard Core Vic also provide domestic and commercial concrete drilling services to neighbouring suburbs like Box Hill, Dandenong, Burwood, Frankston, Hughesdale and anywhere within Melbourne.

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