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Comparing Handheld VS Walk-Behind Concrete Saws

When tackling concrete cutting tasks, choosing the right equipment is crucial for achieving the desired outcome efficiently and safely. The debate between handheld and walk-behind concrete saws is a common one, each offering unique advantages suited to different project needs. Understanding the differences between these two types of concrete saws can help you make an informed decision for your next project.

Handheld concrete saws: Versatility and precision

Handheld concrete saws are known for their portability and versatility. They are ideal for jobs requiring precision and the ability to navigate tight spaces. These saws are perfect for cutting small openings, adjusting window and door openings, and making quick, precise cuts in concrete, asphalt, and masonry. Their lightweight design allows for easy handling and operation, making them suitable for both professional concrete hand sawing contractors and DIY enthusiasts.


  • Excellent for precision cutting and detailed work.
  • Portable and easy to maneuver in tight spaces.
  • Suitable for a variety of materials including concrete, asphalt, and masonry.


  • Limited depth of cut compared to walk-behind models.
  • Can be physically demanding over extended use.

Walk-behind concrete saws: Power and depth

Walk-behind concrete saws, on the other hand, are the workhorses of concrete cutting. Designed for larger projects that require deep cuts, such as sawing for road repair, large floor or driveway expansion cuts, and trenching, these saws offer power and depth that handheld units cannot match. With features designed to reduce operator fatigue and improve cutting performance, walk-behind saws are ideal for extensive residential and commercial concrete cutting operations.


  • Capable of making deep and long cuts with precision.
  • Less operator fatigue due to self-propelled designs.
  • Ideal for larger projects requiring extensive cutting.


  • Less maneuverable in tight spaces.
  • Higher cost and larger size make them less accessible for small or infrequent jobs.

Making the right choice

The choice between a handheld and walk-behind concrete saw should be based on the specific requirements of your project. Consider factors such as the cutting depth required, the precision of the cuts, the project’s scale, and the working environment. Handheld saws offer flexibility and ease of use for smaller, more intricate tasks, while walk-behind saws provide the power and endurance needed for larger projects and deeper cuts.


No matter the scope of your concrete cutting needs, having access to professional concrete cutting services in Melbourne can ensure that your project is completed efficiently and safely. If you’re facing a task that demands precise cutting, deep cuts, or extensive sections of concrete to be removed, consider reaching out to a professional concrete cutting service. With the right tools and expertise, a professional service can help you achieve the best results, whether your project calls for the finesse of a handheld saw or the power of a walk-behind model.

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