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Concrete Saw Hire vs Professional Concrete Cutting

When it comes to renovations, there are plenty of projects you can take on all by yourself. Recaulking the bathroom, replacing the tapware, a lick of paint, adding a shelf, hanging a cabinet, even putting in a new toilet – it’s all doable without the help of a professional.

But what about concrete cutting? Is it a just matter of seeking out and organising affordable concrete saw hire and learning how to cut concrete with a trick or three? Not quite.

If you do have an itch to empower your skills and save a few bucks in the process, remember:

  • Does it have to be done by a licensed specialist?
  • Are you sure you know all the hidden traps & dangers?
  • Are you 100% sure about the budget?
  • Do you have a back-up plan if something goes wrong?

If it’s professional concrete cutting you’re looking to dodge, a bit of research will show you that concrete saw hire is a service offered throughout Australia. If you’re eligible from the point of view of your local authorities, it’s possible to simply hire a powerful saw from the full professional range and endeavour to get that job done.

At the same time, what could seem like a great idea may actually turn out to be a very bad one. That’s because we’re not talking about a hire trailer, some scaffolding, or even a truck, tractor or trench digger. Concrete saws, remember, belong in the stereotypical 80s horror movie – heavy-duty, very hard to use, potentially deadly, and so incredibly powerful that even a solid concrete wall is definitely not safe in its presence.

The concrete cutting professional, on the other hand, is highly trained, in possession of specialised qualifications and licenses, and they’ve seen and done it all. It gives them a practical as well as a theoretical understanding of all the little tricks, pitfalls and safety hazards that lie ahead when you even start to think about cranking on that hire saw.

Here’s 4 good reasons to only ever hire professional concrete cutters in Melbourne?

1. Experience

Actually, it’s not just experience that’s crucial here, but knowledge, too. Specialised knowledge. Without both, an apparently effective cut can be highly susceptible to cracking, instability and damage not too far down the line. No matter the precise concrete qualities, even the most heavily reinforced material can be perfectly matched with the right tools & techniques.

2. Equipment

How sure are you that the concrete cutting tools you intend to hire are precisely what you need? Are you aware that the professionals often get to a job, make a more detailed assessment and then pull out a different concrete cutting saw or blade? And are you sure that if you do need to make a last-minute switch, you know everything about the different techniques and safety protocols to follow?

3. Costs

You may think concrete saw hire is cheaper than calling in the professional, but you almost certainly aren’t factoring something in: the potential for mistakes. The risk of errors and damage, such as not factoring in the mess and hazards of uncontrolled dust, are exponentially higher when an amateur is at the wheel. It can actually turn out to cost you a lot less by avoiding the potential for major mistakes and miscalculations from the off.

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4. Convenience

You may be excited at the prospect of playing in the world of professional concrete cutting, but let’s face it: you’re prioritising your DIY ambitions with your time, money, effort and your biggest investment – your property. Professional concrete cutters aren’t just the safer option, they’re the most convenient one as well, by far.

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