concrete cutting for renovations

Considerations For Concrete Cutting & Home Renovations

Whether you’re boosting your home’s value or simply stepping up your family’s lifestyle, there are a lot of reasons to renovate – and an awful lot to think about too. An aesthetic upgrade, or perhaps adding an extension? Can you afford it? Should you put the new kitchen in first, or the new bathroom?

Something you may not have considered before when thinking about your renovations is how to accommodate the potential need for concrete cutting. Don’t forget: if your existing concrete was laid well, it’s not supposed to be easy to budge. That’s why great specialists like Hard Core VIC exist in the first place – because they know everything there is to know about concrete cutting and drilling, and possess all the latest and best equipment, too.

And it’s not just about blasting your way through that concrete, either – because for most renovations, the easiest and most efficient and effective way to proceed is not with a jackhammer, but with incredible precision. No matter what your concrete cutting is for, the work needs to be exactly the right depth and length – and the actual cut type needs to be perfect, too.

  • Does that cut need to be curved, or straight?
  • Should the lines be deep, or subtle?
  • Is the cut to create a window, or a door?
  • Does your contractor have exactly the right saw, blade and technique?

No matter what concrete cutting type you require for your renovations, it’s likely to be one of these:

1. Horizontal surfaces

If we’re dealing with a flat concrete surface with a 6-inch depth or more, your cutter is likely to whip out a diamond blade as the type of concrete cutting blade to use in order to minimise any chipping or breakages.

This type of cut is used for things like:

  • Gaining access to plumbing pipes or sewer lines for broken or blocked drain repairs
  • Dealing with paths, driveways, patios or decking bases.

2. Concrete ‘core’ drilling

But if your concrete cutting actually needs to be concrete drilling of walls or floors, that’s what the professionals are likely to call core drilling. It’s actually pretty amazing what a skilled concrete driller is able to do for your residential works – we’re talking about circular holes of up to 12 inches across, or much, much smaller!

This technique is used for things like:

  • Venting
  • For installation of new utility pipes, electrical, heating or plumbing lines.

3. Vertical surfaces

If it’s a concrete wall that’s in the way, the required technique is referred to as vertical wall sawing. For just about all renovations, we’re talking about concrete that is under 12 inches thick, although it can be much more than that. Again, the diamond blade is the cutter’s weapon of choice, and it’s these types of cuts that really show off the specialist’s skills and experience when it comes to precision and accuracy.

This technique is used for things like:

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  • Installation of new windows or doors
  • Foundation lowering or removal
  • Complete or partial removal of walls

Always get a real professional to do your concrete cutting

Normally, it’s only when the keen DIY’er attempts to do their own concrete cutting when they fully discover the skill, knowledge and vast experience that the true professional has on how to cut concrete. In part, that’s because they’ll start using terms like:

  • Flush cutting: A precise floor cut at any depth, also used for cutting bricks and stone and perfect for narrow areas.
  • Hand/ring sawing: These are the machines you’ll need for highly precise cuts including concrete expansion joints and doorways.
  • High-frequency sawing: Perfect for minimising noise and fumes and where manoeuvrability is a concern.
  • Wet cutting: Water is used to minimise overheating and dust production.

Are you ready to get stuck into your renovations? In Melbourne alone, there are a lot of concrete cutting and drilling businesses to choose from – but not all of them are renowned for making everyday residential works hassle-free and affordable for every type of project. At Hard Core VIC, Mark or Jason are always just on the other end of your mobile phone for a chat about your plans, so don’t hesitate to get in touch today.